Research Titles

1Dr. Amilia Elizabeth J. A2019Evaluation of Streptococcus mutans colonization and oral hygiene status in primary molars restored with two different crowns: A Randomised clinical Trial.
2Dr. M. Rajkumar2019Comparing the effectiveness of Theracal and Biodentine as direct pulp capping agents in primary molars: A Randomised Clinical Trial
3Dr. Padminee Krishnan2018Comparing the effectiveness of biofeedback relaxation and audiovisual distraction on dental anxiety among 7-12 year old children while administering local anesthesia: A Randomised control trial
4Dr. Kabita Sahoo2018Comparison of the effectiveness of pediatric rotary NiTi files and manual files in primary molars: A Randomised control trial
5Dr.Karthika Shankar2017Evaluating the effective concentration of modified triple antibiotic paste used in ‘lesion sterilization and tissue repair’ on primary molars – An in vivo randomized control trial.
6Dr.Charishma2017Evaluating the efficacy of turmeric as obturating material in primary molar. - An in vivo randomized control trial
7Dr. KarthigaShankar, Dr.Charishma2017Elaborating the use of honey and sesame oil as vehicles in obturation
8Dr. Abirami .K 2016Clinical and radiographic efficacy of formocresol, allium sativum oil &
aole vera gel as pulpotomy medicamentsin primary molars-
An interventional clinical trial.
9Dr. Sweetyln Abi2016In vivo evaluation of tooth shade in primary dentition using colorimeter
among children in Chennai – An observational study.
10Durga.S2015Comparison cleaning efficacy and instrumentation time of twisted and
heroshaper file with manual K files.
11Nandhini.K2015A study on maximum molar bite force in primary dentition using terminal
plane relationship: An In-Vivo study.
12Gayathri2014Assessment of treatment outcome in primary molars using pulpotomy and
pulpectomy : A clinical trial.
13Gemimma2014Evaluating the retention of pit and fissure sealants with and without
bonding agent.
14Nilavu2013Comparison of compressive strength among three different intra canal
post materials in primary anterior teeth: An in vitro study
15Pavan kumar2013Comparison of factors associated with Dental Trauma in children aged
7-12 years among rural and urban areas in and around Chennai.
16Kranthi2012An in vivo assessment of pulp oxygen saturation rate in primary carious and
non carious teeth using pulse oximetry.
17Pavithra2012Comparative evaluation of microleakage of four tooth coloured restorative
materials in primary molars : An in vitro study by dye penetration method
18Chanaram2011Comparison of hand and rotary file instrumented primary teeth filling
using three techniques : An in vitro cone beam computed tomography study.
19Nagarjuna2011Evaluation of occlusion ,tooth arch dimensions of the primary dentition
among children in Chennai.